Sunday, 9 March 2008

2 March Leith Docks - Edinburgh

OK it may be stretching the outdoor theme slightly but it was on the programme last weekend. Beckie was off gallavanting to Ireland to teach at a craft show. I headed over with the girls to visit Auntie Kirsten in her new flat in Edinburgh. We were heading down to Ocean Terminal to spend vouchers in the Build a Bear shop. Not requiring a map for this outing we optomistically thought it would take 20 minutes to walk down there. It actually took 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. That's a fair walk for a 4 yr old (it was actually 7yr old Beth who put up most complaints) even if it is to buy a cuddly new bear.

It made me think about challenge and how we perceive things so differently according to our age, interests, experience. To me challenge was hiking up Ben Vorlich on a sunny but very cold and windy winters day. To the girls the hour and a half walk in Leith docks was a challenge. Both trips fulfilled the criteria for this blog which is getting out and enjoying the Scottish Outdoor and both were equally enjoyable.

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