Saturday, 3 January 2009

Quote of the Year

"How does not a walk become a walk"

A short bit of background to this quote. We love getting out and about exploring our local areas and encouraging the kids to enjoy the fresh air and some exercise outside. We are not always successful but try our best. We managed quite a few walks this christmas holiday which meant we tried to come up with different ways to describe what we were planning to do each time.

On 29 December we planned to go exploring at Rumblingbridge where there is a really interesting double bridge and an amazing gorge. We said to the kids it is definitely not a walk we were going exploring.

Of course the exploring did involve a short walk of about a mile. About half way round Eilidh (aged 5) asked this question "How does not a walk become a walk". I couldn't answer as I was laughing too much. If anyone has an answer please let me know.

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CreativeSTAR said...

Hi Ali

One of my childhood friends had a Dad who used to do the walk before the walk and plant sweets on bushes to motivate his kids along.

It worked a treat (forgive the pun).