Sunday, 24 February 2008

24th Feb - Mountain Biking

Today we headed up to Lochore Meadows for one of our favourite and most relaxing walks with the girls. It's always good to try and make these outdoor trips of ours exciting so the girls had the option of bringing bikes which they chose to do. So instead of it just being a sunday afternoon walk they went - wait for it - Mountain Biking!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

New Tunes

Hope you enjoy the new tune on the blog. It was requested by nephew James who is nearly 2 and loves the Beach Boys.
Happy listening Jimmy from Uncle Kickball

Saturday, 9 February 2008

9 Feb - Och 'il go for a walk

After a couple of epic days out recently it was nice to head out for a relatively leisurely stroll in the Ochils this morning. The Moteley Crew were Scott, Iain, Andy and me. I had planned to use bikes to cycle in as far as we could up a fairly good track and then leave the bikes to walk a loop into the hills and back along the main track from Dollar to Glen Devon. Quote of the day had to be from Scott who decided at the top of saddle hill that "it must be time to get my Bobby out" - you can have a guess but it was all caught on camera.

Friday, 8 February 2008

2 Feb - Funny Creatures in East Fife

This post is for the FIL who was hassling for the blog to be updated a bit more. We had the chance last saturday to meet up with friends we hadn't seen for ages. There was a great walk from right out the back of their house through a nice woodland area and ending up in a brilliant park. I say that as the adults had as much fun as the kids. On the way we found a few of these overgrown animals scattered around the woods - and we saw the carvings as well.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Scotland Here we Come

Unbelievably we have been back in Scotland for a year already and we have not been disappointed. As well as getting all the dull stuff out of the way like settling into a new job, buying a house, decorating the house etc we have also had a great time meeting up with old friends and exploring Scotland again, something we have not had the chance to do for years. 2 highlights have definitely been this winter. An epic mountain bike trip through Glen Tilt and an attempt at climbing Ben Nanairn in thick snow. I hope there are many more aventures like these still to come.

Life Before Scotland (Part 4)

After 4 years (about 3 years longer than planned), all good things come to an end but we didn't actually leave Ireland. We moved south to the cosmopolitan town of Kinsale working at the superb Oysterhaven Centre. I enjoyed getting back into sailing and kayaking again as well as still fitting in plenty of time windsurfing on the south coast. One of the highlights of this time was a trip to Baltimore and circumnavigation of Sherkin Island with my dad.

20 Jan - Mission Possible

I am a couple of weeks late with this blog but Eilidh and I took the chance to check out Blairadam Forest 2 sundays ago. She would normally prefer to relax on a sunday afternoon with her feet up and watching CBeebies. Her meanie dad (me) persuaded her that a stroll round the woods in zero degrees was going to be good fun. A packet of chocolate buttons and given the job of finding the yellow markers all the way round managed to grab her attention and she led us round the forest for an hour. She was also chief photographer.

Life Before Scotland (Part 3)

After the excitement of seasons in Greece and France we decided to stay put for a while and settled in a remote corner of Ireland - the Dingle Peninsula. You might ask why we chose such a quiet and rugged part of the world - simple answer - BRILLIANT WINDSURFING!