Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Enjoying a brilliant evening on the Forth with a public activity group. Great weather with the threatening clouds and rainbow hanging over Edinburgh and the Pentlands while we are safe and dry on the Fife side. The sun always shines in Fife - well usually, maybe, sometimes!

Moving on Up

During a visit to Fishers Farm the girls tackled the climbing wall. I hate to admit that DD2 beat me to the top

Sunday, 7 June 2009


I usually keep this wee Blog for tales of outdoor adventures but I couldn't let this event go by without a mention. The number 1 song on this blog for the past few months has been There Will be a Day by Jeremy Camp. Yesterday Beckie and I got the chance to see him live at the Frenzy christian music festival. All the bands were fantastic but he has some particularly great songs and words which mean a lot in what can be a difficult world to live in at times. Enjoy the song!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

ML Again

Photos here from the last shakedown walk before the ML assessment (2nd attempt). Andy provided the company again on this one. Good company as usual as long as you stayed upwind of him. The location is the Tarmachan ridge from the North.

Cant let this post end without sneaking in that I did pass the ML one week later.

Loch Leven Heritage Trail

This a great new easy access trail round Loch Leven, Kinross. I have already used it for biking with a group for Queen Anne HS. The 12 mile round trip was a great challenge for the group and successfully completed by all. We tackled a shorter 5 mile section as the 12" wheels of a 6yr olds bike takes a bit more effort to get along. The Hot Chocolate at Loch Leven's larder was a great half way incentive.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I don't mind giving that away as it was over a month ago now. I cant think of a better way to wake up on your birthday, snuggled up in a tent with three women (slight exageration maybe). Blair Atholl was the venue here. Brilliant place for walks and wildlife.
The BBQ was back home where the opportunity to roast marshmallows and keep the fire going occupied the kids for about 2hrs.

Admin Team Development

An advantage of working outdoors is that development and training usually take place outdoors as well - a kind of double bonus. Not true for the office based admin team who do a brilliant job of making sure outdoor learning takes place in a professional and organised way but are often stuck inside (instructors are great at instructing but not always top of the pops with paperwork). To cut a long story short we had a great day out on Loch Faskally - The team meeting took place on rafted canoes, lunch under a tarp on the beach and a very sedate paddle up and down the Loch.