Thursday, 15 May 2008

11 May - Mountaineers

We had a big disappointment on Saturday as we headed north for the first camp trip of the season. 5 miles short of Blair Atholl, our destination, the car came to a very abrupt halt and refused to go any further. We were sat at the side of the road when we should have been exploring, biking and walking. The only good thing was it wasn't raining.
The mechanic arrived and the casr was going no-where soon. Full marks to green flag who had us loaded up and back home within 2 hrs. Has that ever happened to you? There seems to be something really embarressing about arriving back in the village on the back of a tow truck. The disappointment was soon forgotten as we set off for bowling and a McDonalds (that sorted it for the kids anyway)

Back to the outdoors bit. Sunday, we headed up to Dollar, one of our favourite local spots. We walked from the town to the west side of the Glen. we reached Castle Campbell after a bit over an hour. We planned to do a small loop above the castle but it was one of those days that the girls had spotted a hill and decided they were going to get to the top. I shouldn't be surprised but to be fair there is often a fair bit of complaining. Today they practically ran up and made it to the top of Bank Hill, fantastic. The trip down was great; icecream and a look round the castle, rolling down the hill and counting bugs.

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